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Since the middle of March 2020 Amach Anseo Community Garden has been relocated to the artist’s home garden. Here Rebecca continues the processes of sowing, watering, nurturing, planting, weeding all aided by her 3 ¾ year old son who inspired the idea of the community garden in 2017. Every Tuesday they place seeds and/or seedlings in a box and place it on a public wall for passers-by to take home and grow. Every Friday they publish a ‘how to’ for absolute beginners with no equipment and maybe no garden space.

Week 1: How to Grow Potatoes
It’s simple! A short clip to show you all you need to start growing your own potatoes at home. Enjoy!

Week 2: How to Grow Strawberries
It’s really simple to grow your own delicious strawberries at home. Follow this short guide and you’ll have hanging baskets of fruit to enjoy this summer.

Week 3: How to Sow Tomatoes
it’s easy peasy to grow your own food, this short clip will show you how to sow tomato seeds so that you can enjoy your own home-grown juicy tomatoes in the summertime

Week 4: How to Grow Peas
From sowing to making a tripod for peas to climb. You’ll be eating sweet home grown peas in no time.