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We are really delighted to be able to open a ‘Artlink Drawing Club’ to all and any who want to draw together. These sessions will not be workshops in the same way as before but more self directed time together. Many of us have benefited from being apart together. Having a drawing club will encourage this practice without the pressure of having to attend every week. Indeed as restrictions ease up we may well be able to enjoy other activities that will take us away from our screens and out into the world of people.

The link will be active for 2pm and 7pm on Wednesdays. Artlink will open the meeting and assign a co-host. This means that you the participants are now also the owners of the club. It may be that some of you have some skills in facilitating sessions that you’d like to offer or perhaps we can use the many resources and exercises kindly shared with us by Elaine McGinn in the previous drawing workshops. Indeed on the last Wednesday of the month Elaine has committed to facilitating the group. We will allow this to continue to grow organically informed by the needs of the participants.


We love that we can connect with our friends abroad and even those in other parts of the country who can join in without travel. We hope that Artlink Drawing Club will not always be virtual and that when the opportunity arises we can also organise some in person outdoor drawing sessions.
The Drawing Club has evolved from the #LovetoDraw project. #LoveToDraw Ireland is a project developed by Voluntary Arts Ireland in collaboration with the Glucksman Gallery Cork, Artlink Donegal and Take A Part Carlow