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A Time of Uncertainty brings together two social documentary projects. Each Project creates a narrative of the Public’s opinion, complemented by the artist’s reflection on two dominant issues of our time… The UK’s withdrawal from the Brexit and COVID 19.
Over the last 5 Years Tristan Poyser has researched and documented the thoughts and feelings of over 700 people surrounding the divisive and uncertain times we live in. The two projects follow the same principles. Evoking, then documenting real peoples thoughts and feelings unfiltered and independent of politicians and the media.
The COVID pandemic has introduced another layer of compilation and confusion to the Irish border that is further compounded with the looming Brexit withdrawal.
A time of Uncertainty explores identity and perceptions, challenging preconceptions of places and people, in a time when uncertainty has been imposed by elements not of our individual making and beyond our control.
About the artist
Tristan is s a photographer, a board member of the Arts Council England’s Sector Support Organisation Redeye – The Photography Network, a Tutor for the British Academy of Photography, guest lecturer on Professional Practice, and delivers participatory workshops. He’s also judged for the RIBA awards.